Our Distillery

What it means to be Craft

Island Shiners is proud to be a true Craft Distillery.

Being craft-certified means that Island Shiners Spirits are:

  • Fermented and distilled on-site
  • Made from 100% BC-grown grains & honey
  • Produced using traditional methods
  • Distilled in small batches

Island Shiners
Distillery's Stills

Our still has an explosion-proof agitator for distilling the grain, a copper internal liner and copper flute for optimum taste profiles.

The still is jacketed for even heat distribution on the mash.

All spirits are triple filtered before bottling for a smooth finish.

A Unique Combination of Gin-Making Traditions; we have added a copper gin basket on the still to ensure that the delicate botanicals we use won’t get oversaturated in the distillation process. Instead, we placed it in a stainless-steel basket in the copper gin attachment, which allows the oils to be extracted entirely.

Our gin distillation method will macerate the botanicals and use vapour extraction for the others.

This unique combination of traditional and new-age gin-making methods will produce a one-of-a-kind spirit.