Island Shiners

Island Shiners

Our Story

Island Shiners is a Philp family-owned and operated micro-distillery in the scenic ocean-side village of Sooke, British Columbia: located on the Southern tip of Vancouver Island. This rugged paradise with its temperate forests and untamed shorelines create a beautiful backdrop for Island Shiners and a stunning place to call home for our new distillery.

Our spirits are hand-crafted in the heart of the original gold mining backwoods of Vancouver Island, just a stone’s throw from the renowned Sooke Potholes. Island Shiners’ expression embodies a laid-back island vibe, with the essence of crisp sea air and the rocky coastal shores. When looking out from Whiffen spit or Roche Cove, you can truly embrace the beauty of Sooke.

Island Shiners Distillery showcases the finest locally sourced organic ingredients through an offering of craft spirits. We pay homage to the original moonshiners’ using traditional fermentation and distillation methods, with a fresh perspective on unique ingredients and ingenuity. Our spirits are fortified by our house-distilled 100% B.C. honey and grain spirits that are aromatized with whole botanicals to embrace natural flavours. We always process organically without any added preservatives. At Island Shiners, we do everything in-house, including on-site grain milling, mashing, and slow spirit stripping, all before each spirit is triple filtered and bottled by hand. We exhibit originality and an inspired take on spirits vibrant on the pallet and will have you thirsting for more of your favourite Island Shiners spirits.

We’ve created multiple product lines that are distinctive and flavorful, encompassing Vancouver Island in a bottle. With our small batch distillation process, we remove all impurities for the highest quality and best tasting premium spirits; the result is a full-bodied, flavorful spirit that’s as clear as the water runoff that flows through the Sooke hills.

In every bottle, we’ve created a truly unique west coast experience. Made with hard-working hands, infused with love, and finished with our continued obsession with quality.